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CRM128S/SNM80   Reference: S26391-F178-L102   128MB


10 systems can be upgraded with this memory module.

Fujitsu (-Siemens) Notebook SCENIC Mobile 800 S
Fujitsu (-Siemens) Notebook SCENIC Mobile 750 PIII
Fujitsu (-Siemens) Notebook CELSIUS Mobile S
Fujitsu (-Siemens) Notebook Lifebook X7530, X7550, X7560, X7570
Fujitsu (-Siemens) Notebook Lifebook B2130, B2131, B2132, B2133, B2154, B2156
Fujitsu (-Siemens) Notebook Lifebook E6150, E6520, E6530, E6540, E6550, E6560, E6570
Fujitsu (-Siemens) Notebook Lifebook C4155, C4175, C6155, C6175, C6185, C6355, C6535, C6545, C6555, C6565
Fujitsu (-Siemens) Notebook Lifebook S4510, S4542, S4546, S4572, S5582
Fujitsu (-Siemens) Notebook Lifebook B2545, E2547, E2562, E2566, E2569, E2610
Fujitsu (-Siemens) Notebook Amilo M3100, M4100, M6100

  • The 128MB memory module (1 x 128MB) S26391-F178-L102 is compatible to following listed Fujitsu (-Siemens) systems.

  • Since 1997, CompuRAM GmbH upgraded several 100.000 notebooks, PCs, workstations and servers with memory. Benefit from our experience and knowledge!

  • You will find a functionality guaranty, special installation advices, tips and information about the upgrade of your Fujitsu (-Siemens) if you follow this link to your system.

  • Our support is pleased to advice you on all questions regarding the installation and upgrade of your 128MB Fujitsu (-Siemens) memory module.


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