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Speicherbauer is an online shop that gives private customers the chance to purchase high-quality memory. Long-term experience in the memory market guarantees a professional service and high-quality to the customer.

Speicherbauer is a sister company of CompuRAM GmbH, a service-oriented specialty supplier for valuable memory modules and components in b2b-business. The company was established in 1997 and registers over average growing rates with stable customer relations
as well as a permanent rising number of customers.
Speicherbauer is actively engaged.
Speicherbauer annually donates approx. 20% of the profit before taxation to charitable initiatives. „Every company that takes social responsibility sets an example of humanity, turns into a motivator for more people who are willing to donate. Helpfulness is essential these days: This is why we donate. This is why we talk about it.“, says Thomas Bauer, proprietor of Speicherbauer.

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Currently the company supports the initiative `Die Arche´ - Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk e.V., because this association is fighting against child poverty in Germany consequently: With a free lunch, tutoring as well as preventive child and youth work. More than 2,5 mio. minors live below the poverty line.
For more background information also read this press article (German).

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